Cologne, notgames, and a visit to the Wallraf


Didn’t see a whole lot of Cologne itself this time. We were mostly on the ‘wrong side’ of the Rhine. The Cologne Gamelab has definitely expanded. The 3rd biennale notgames Fest was a lot of fun, as always. This time in the lab’s new location. The students did a great job creating an atmosphere and among my favorite things was the sound installation where you had to make a human chain touching sensors in a wall and each other to create a changing soundscape int he room. There are pics of the event that I took of the exhibition on our facebook page. The video below is a little walkthrough I did the day of the notgames Party and BBQ. We managed to avoid Gamescom entirely, so that’s a step in the right direction. Lot’s of new faces at the show, but a few friends we only see at such event did make their way out to the Cologne gamelab to enjoy the show. It all turned out quite well!

And as one of the last planned Tale of Tales games-related type things in the queue, it was a bit odd. In conversations I had to keep defining what ‘not making videogames’ anymore actually means. Mostly it means exactly what we said. But it doesn’t mean Tale of Tales doesn’t exist. In fact, Michael and I discussed a new project series over tea and cake. So, we’ll see!

We spent the morning in the Wallraf-Richartz Museum however. It’s one of those museums that are just the right size. Not so terribly large that you cannot see it all in a few hours. Yet with a collection that goes deep in key areas rather than spreading the curation wide. In this case: Medieval Art, including one of the loveliest put together rooms of diptichs, triphics and altarpieces I’ve had pleasure to spend time in (see the panorama below); Baroque art, with a very spectacular and huge Rubens (“Juno and Argus“) that I don’t remember seeing the last time I was there; Some symbolist magic; and a quite dazzling little Impressionist exhibit on. It is also one of those museums with barely any online presence. So, here are way too many images of what caught my imagination the most.

My sketches made during my time here are pretty much worthless, I won’t bother scanning them in. But I did manage to capture some photogrammetry shots of a very unusual crucificiton painting with 3d heads! I was only curious how such a thing would turn out.