Auriea, the musical.

During the Residency at Vrijstaat O, Rebecca Wilson (who collaborated on Sympathy for the Sea), graciously made one page songs for anyone who desired. It only required tickling the ivories along with her for a few moments before a theme would emerge. Her talents produced stunning results that she says come from within us, and she is merely the translator.

I had an urge to play the insides of the piano as well as the piano keys, which is why my song needs two players or two pianos. Afterwards, I did inform her that my zodiac sign is Gemini. ;)

So, a song. Made with, about, and for me by Rebecca Wilson.


And here is what it sounds like:

I like it, it’s playful. It would actually sound different every time. The one on the keys tries to find and follow the note of the string plucked inside the piano. So there is an interaction between the two players!

While I still do not feel that I’m very musical, when I hear this I do hear a bit of me. What a wonderful gift to be given.