Sympathy for the Sea

Improvisation, collaboration with:
Rebecca Wilson, Satinder Gill, and Joliene Naeyaert
at the Vrijstaat O. Art Center in Oostende, Belgium

During the course of my artist research residency with the theme of “Compassion and Resistence” and staring out the window at the seaside every day I thought a lot about the sea and the lives of people who must cross them. The sea is trecherous, many will die. Whatever happens, it is not the Sea’s fault. And yet, the Sea will always take some of the blame. How can you confront the Sea, unafraid?

Drawing can get us more attuned to the sea and in our natural rythms enable us to find also a sympathy with each other.

Drawing the sea is an almost impossible task. How can we bring ourselves into a mindset like the sea waves?

In this workshop we attempted to find out.