exhibition: Drawing|The Bottom Line at SMAK, Ghent

Observations from the show which I saw last Sunday. There was a lot to see, these are simply the things which caught my eye and in some cases, undivided attention.


  1. (contemporary art) Immediately evident when the work is by a woman. Women draw hair. ELLY STRIK. shadows of Ensor. “The Couch of Freud” really big drawing.
  2. Graphite on paper dipped in wax.
  3. I’m EASY tho, just show me some gold and I’m anybody’s JORINDE VOIGT. reminds me of “Diagram of the War” but huge. title: ZENTRALE MOMENTE DER SINNGEBUNG. NIKLAS LUHMANN. LIEBE ALS PASSION EVOLUTION DER LIEBESSE MANTIC 2013 (took photos. I am quite fond of both works – lies btwn chinese scrolls and info viz.)
  4. I wish everyone didn’t draw like they are crazy.
  5. a grid of works, all the same size. A4?
  6. Borremans draws on old pieces of paper. (from books?) but he draws nonsense. Imagined arial views… “SCULPTURAL INSTALLATION FOR ABANDONED AIRPORT (penetrations)” 2015
  7. A clever set up. Box room dioramas tied together w/ribbons.
  8. two large (tall) columns of text in french. obsessive calligraphy. perfect but for/because the flaws. Theirry de Cordier. Dieu. in bespoke frames.
  9. 2 Drawings by Tomma Abts. almost nothing. both UNTITLED. 3 drawings by Tomma Abts in colored pencil and pencil. better. a bit of her illusion. ALL UNTITLED. they look like what they are.
  10. EDITH DEKYNDT “Dead Sea Drawings” holds a white card under water in the sun. the sea draws itself.
  11. The Julie Mehretu is lovely chaos w/o the crazy. Ink, acrylic, on canvas.
  12. suspended btwn 2 pieces of glass seeming quite grandiose for what they are. but i love that they are freestanding and at head height. ELLEN GALLAGHER. “Morphia”
  13. Drawings in rolling trays close to the ground.
  14. NIKOLAUS GANSTERER some performance documentation. alchemical. nice. an evolving drawing installation VIDEO as documentation. projection on multiple layers. some montage. editing. its very aesthetically considered. (later met him in the museum lobby. intrigued to find out more about his work.)

  15. Francis Alÿs AMAZING. interviews speak of art, action, and social change. walking through Israeli neighborhoods spilling green paint. The Green Line JERUSALEM the width of lines drawn after civil war. the mobility of the artist.