A report of my foam lab micro-residency, part of series of thought and drawing experiments that I call The Living Line The D&D micro-residency took place on December 2nd and was attended by Auriea Rasa, Stevie, Nicholas, Maja (who also facilitated and took great notes.)…


It’s time to talk about my nightmares.

This is a post about printmaking. Gloriously tactile processes, chemical, even alchemical. It involves materials like copper, stone, oil inks, asphalt, needles, zinc plates, acids, water, felt, soap, salt, talc… it’s beautiful, but it’s turning me dark. Many of my favorite artists of the past…

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New Photogrammetry

I’m finding photogrammetry, the practice of 3d capturing objects through photography, to be a wonderful hobby. I use Autodesk’s 123D Catch app on my phone, and Agisoft’s PhotoScan on my desktop machine, for better details. You can see some of the models I’ve made on…

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On twitter I’m taking notes for what will become a plan for the next 5 years of my life. A bit of irony, a bit of truth, a lot of dreaming. [View the story “#5yearplan” on Storify]


The Rijksmuseum

We went to Amsterdam to celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary. I took time to go to the Print Room/Prentenkabinet at the Rijksmuseum to see drawings and prints (several by Rembrandt!) If you are interested to go there you can find information about it here. [View…


Tech TMI

I made a list of what I use for work (digital and analog) for the quite informative Uses This blog.


Woodland Secrets Interview…

Here I am in conversation with Merritt Kopas for her Woodland Secrets podcast. My vague memory is of stumbling through variations of “I don’t know what I am doing anymore…” ;) But I’m sure I didn’t mumble. So I’m linking this, with confidence. About…


Compassion and Resistance at Ostend

From 13-18 September 2015 I was in the town of Ostend here in Belgium, invited to take part in the Artist Research Residency for Compassion and Resistance. I had never been on a residency before… and it was nice to be asked since this was…


Auriea, the musical.

During the Residency at Vrijstaat O, Rebecca Wilson (who collaborated on Sympathy for the Sea), graciously made one page songs for anyone who desired. It only required tickling the ivories along with her for a few moments before a theme would emerge. Her talents produced…